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Frequently Asked Questions

All orders will ship within 48 hours.
All orders shipped in the US, will ship by United States Postal Service Priority Mail with confirmation.

US Shipping Charges: 
                                                       International Shipping Charges:

1-3 yards of fabric     $7.50                                                   Europe:
4-6  yards of fabric.   $10.00
6-18 yards of fabric   $10.00                                                1-6      yards of fabric    $42.05  flat rate envelope

19-28 yards of fabric $10.00                                                 7-18    yards of fabric    $82.85 flat rate box
                                                                                              18-28  yards of fabric    $106.10 flat rate box
Canada & Mexico Shipping Charges:                               Australia & New Zealand Shipping Charges:
1-7 yards of fabric     $30.35                                                1-6      yards of fabric    $40.15 Flat rate envelope
8-9 yards of fabric     $60.55                                                7-18    yards of fabric    $89.85 Flat rate box
10+ yards of fabric    $74.00                                                 18-28   yards of fabric   $113.50 Flat rate box

Japan & South Korea Shipping Charges:

1-6 yards of fabric        $35.35

7-18 yards of fabric      $77.50

18-28  yards of fabric   $101.50

The Payment and returns:


Patchwork Co. accepts the following forms of payment:


Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Paypal.





We want you to be happy with your purchase. If for any reason you are not happy you have 30 days to return unused items for full refund. Items must be returned in original condition. Customer is responsible for original and return shipping charges.  We highly recommend including delivery confirmation. Please call us 518-734-6838 or email us with any return questions.

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